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23 Feb

Top 10 Deer Resistant Plants for St. Louis Missouri

Hi, I’m landscape architect Mary Deweese, principal of Acorn Landscapes in St. Louis Missouri.  I design gardens and landscapes for people who live in places where deer eat EVERYTHING!  This is a list of some of my most trusted deer resistant plants.

Click on the name of the plant to open a new window with detailed information and photos from the Missouri Botanical Garden.  If you need some new Deer Resistant Plant inspiration for your yard, read on.

10.  Contorted Filbert - really cool form and winter interest.


9. Allium – (picture above) – great perennial that likes sun and soil on the dry side.

8.  Forsythia – Native shrub that is almost indestructible.  Yellow spring blooms. It can be a little wild looking, so not the best for a star placement, better off to the side or back of your yard.

7.  Korean Boxwood – Evergreen that gives any landscape some structure and winter interest.

Caesars Brother Siberian Iris by Landscape Architect Acorn Landscapes in St Louis Missouri

6.  Siberian Iris – (Pictured Above ) Loves sunny wet areas, but can also take part shade…if you have a wet spot you want reliable deer resistant flowers, these are great.  They slowly spread and make great cut flowers.  Actually, all Iris are very deer resistant.  You can choose bearded Iris or even from several native iris species.

5.  Pennsylvania Sedge – Great Native shade groundcover.

4.  Lady Fern – Lovely texture for shade, foliage may decline if not watered during the later part of summer.

3.  Ornamental Grass – Most grasses are very deer resistant.  This is a common one seen in St. Louis.  This is great in sunny areas and they help in areas where soil erosion is an issue.

2.  Groundcover St. Johns Wort – Nice foliage texture spreading groundcover.  Comes in green or a bright chartreuse color.  Bonus yellow flowers sporadically in summer. (Shown in picture below, the groundcover in the foundation planting bed)


1.  Blue Spruce – Lovely in full sun areas, the small ‘globe blue spruce’ variety is great for front foundation plantings. (‘Globe’ variety shown in picture above making nice foliage color contrast with the groundcover St. John’s Wort)



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